Test Print from the Cloud – NiceLabel Print Cloud Instructions

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This Instruction Article explains how to generate a test print for a printer connected to NiceLabel Print Cloud using the NiceLabel Cloud API. This is a useful tool for testing integrations with other systems.


  • Connect printer to cloud – take note of printer name
  • Setup NiceLabel Cloud API Account
  • Setup NiceLabel Cloud Integration
  • Attach printer to Print Cloud
  • Review label design – take note of label name(s) and variable name(s) embedded in label


Step #1 – Sign-in to NiceLabel Cloud API

Label Cloud API sign-in screen.

Step #2 – Select the Cloud Print API

Select “Cloud Print API”.

Step #3 – Select “POST Print” on left hand navigation and then Click on “Try It”

The print button within the Label Cloud API.

Step #4 – Enter Critical Parameters

  • Printer name
  • Label design name
  • Variable name(s)
  • Quantity
Query Parameters, Headers, and Request Body for Print Cloud Testing

Step #5 – Press “Send” button

Additional comments

Tested Using: NiceLabel Business Cloud v2019

NiceLabel Print Cloud API should return a “Stream sent to printer” upon successful print launch.

NiceLabel Print Cloud message indicating that the file has been successfully sent to the printer.

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