Test Environment Setup – MCL Work Instructions


This article details what is needed to be done to prepare the test environment for testing software updates and changes in the MCL application.


Suggested Steps:

  1. Copy the following files to the test environment:
    • PRJ files to the MCL/Projects folder
    • Databases to the MCL/Database folder
  2. Create new ODBC connections for each database
    • Setup as User DSN
    • Use “Microsoft Access Driver [*.mdb]”
    • Make sure database name is EXACTLY the same

Important Notes:

  • Look in the MCL/Project folder/[Project Name]/Server folder for examples of file drops
  • It is OK to keep the database open during testing but remember to refresh (F9) when checking database changes after MCL transactions.

Additional Comments

Use to build general environmental setup or migration article for MCL.

Tested Software, Hardware, and Operating Systems:
OS (PC): Windows 2008R2
Application: MCL v3

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