TEKLYNX SENTINEL 2021 – Product Information and User Guides

Product Overview

SENTINEL automates the label printing process, creating efficiencies by eliminating the need from manual entry. This minimizes the chance of error due to manual data entry while removing the delays due to the time it takes. SENTINEL utilizes data from the existing enterprise resource planning software and warehouse management systems to automatically determine label format the required data. It will also determine the correct printer to utilize. Labels created in CODESOFT serve as the source and SENTINEL can output them through any printer across the entire enterprise. New to SENTINEL 2021 is an enhanced web API using the standard RESTful API, the easier to use, more reliable and more flexible standard for web protocols. The automatic back-up server feature allows you to keep going even if your primary server should go down. And, support for Modbus Protocol messaging empowers communication with your Programmable Logic Controller.

This article collects the documentation for the SENTINEL 2021 updates and upgrades. For earlier versions of this software, please see the related articles linked at the bottom of this page.

Product Information

Enterprise Comparison Chart

SENTINEL 2021 Brochure (PDF)

SENTINEL 2021 Operating System Compatibility (PDF)

SENTINEL 2021 Dongle Compatibility (PDF)

SENTINEL 2021 Specification Sheet (PDF)

SENTINEL 2021 Release Notes (PDF)

User Guides

SENTINEL 2021 Administrator’s Guide (PDF)

SENTINEL 2021 Back Up Server Guide (PDF)

SENTINEL 2021 User Guide (PDF)

External Links

Updated printer drivers for CODESOFT (opens in new tab)


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