TEKLYNX CODESOFT 2021 – Product Information and User Guides

Product Overview

CODESOFT is advanced RFID and barcode label software that takes advantage of intelligent user interface and helpful wizards maximize efficiency in the label creation process. CODESOFT 2021 builds upon this by adding cloud storage options to database connections. Databases stored on OneDrive and Google Drive are as accessible as those stored locally.

This article collects the documentation for the 2021 updates and upgrades to CODESOFT. For earlier versions of this software, please see the related articles linked at the bottom of this page.

Product Information

TEKLYNX Label Design Software Comparison Chart (PDF)

CODESOSFT 2021 Brochure (PDF)

CODESOSFT 2021 Operating Systems Compatibility (PDF)

CODESOSFT 2021 Dongle Compatibility (PDF)

CODESOSFT 2021 Specification Sheet (PDF)

CODESOSFT 2021 Release Notes (PDF)

User Guides

Base Product

CODESOFT 2021 Administrators Guide (PDF)

CODESOFT 2021 User Guide (PDF)

CODESOFT 2021 Installation Scenarios (PDF)

CODESOFT 2021 Tutorial (PDF)

Supplementary Guides

CODESOFT 2021 Database Manager’s Guide (PDF)


CODESOFT 2021 Touch2Print Guide (PDF)

CODESOFT 2021 Form Designer Guide (PDF)

CODESOFT 2021 Form Viewer Guide (PDF)

External Links

CODESOFT 30-day trial (opens in new tab)

Updated printer drivers for CODESOFT (opens in new tab)


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