Mapped Variable Will Not Pass Through to Label After Adding Workorder Feature – TEKLYNX CENTRAL Problem

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TEKLYNX CENTRAL includes a feature called Mapped Variables. This feature allows the user to pass values, such as from a workorder or product numbers into one or more fields on a label design. These values are entered in the Print User Browser Based User Interface (BBUI). However, TEKLYNX CENTRAL may fail to update the Mapped Variables properly after updating this feature.

The Mapped Variable not updated in the Browser Interface.

Situation and Symptoms

  • The user has previously mapped variables BEFORE enabling the Workorder feature
  • The Workorder feature is enabled and saved
  • Mapped Variables are updated and saved with the previous mapped variable having been removed.
  • The user can find valid workorders but the interface is still mapping variables from product numbers.


Based on our study of the problem, the issue occurs with the browser. When opening the BBUI in the browser, the TEKLYNX CENTRAL plugin updates or refreshes the Mapped Variable settings. As a result, remapping the variables after enabling Workorders fails.

Mapped Variable screen with Workorder as Target.


The solution is remarkably easy. You should close the browser application completely. Then, reopen and reattempt. Refreshing the TEKLYNX CENTRAL page does not appear to reset the recently changed mapped variables after Workorders was set as the target.

Additional Comments

Tested Using TEKLYNX CENTRAL v5.1

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