TEKLYNX CENTRAL v5.1 – Product Information and User Guides

Product Overview

TEKLYNX CENTRAL v5.1 is the next-generation enterprise label management solution which offers manufacturers a centralized, unified solution to handle label design, approval, printing and reporting. Regardless of the size of the manufacturer, or the complexity of the labeling requirements, the ability to manage unlimited printers from a single server while offering complete document histories and activity logs provides increased operational efficiency.

TEKLYNX CENTRAL v5.1 encompasses the entire labeling process from design through security and traceability to print automation, reducing complex printing processes into a series of simple steps. While delivering all of this automation in a browser-based printing interface, it also offers a mobile printing app for additional convenience. This increases efficiency and reduces waste by minimizing errors and misprints. Of course, it integrates with other TEKLYNX applications; CODESOFT, SENTINEL and LABEL ARCHIVE, integrating the latest enhancements in those programs to form scalable and customizable solution for the wides range of labelling requirements.


On March 26, 2020, TEKLYNX issued a point update that added several features the previous version to create TEKLYNX CENTRAL v5.1:

Major Improvements

  • Latest version (v2019) of TEKLYNX component software (CODESOFT, LABEL ARCHIVE, SENTINEL) integrated
  • Print Users (BBUI) can change passwords
  • User Interface for Command Center and MMC snap-ins improved
  • Support for TLS 1.2 encryption for user database
  • Electronic signatures available for any instance of Windows Authentication
  • Local Print Plugin no longer required for BBUI
  • MSGS (e.g. email messaging, etc.) logging of user activities added to audit trail

Minor Improvements

  • Each connection to LABEL ARCHIVE verifies changes in Windows Active Directory Groups
  • Config files not removed during uninstall/reinstall
  • LABEL ARCHIVE label preview image improved

Product Information

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User Guides

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