“Cannot connect to the requested server” – TEKLYNX CENTRAL Mobile App Error Message

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When attempting to connect to the server in the TEKLYNX CENTRAL ClickPrint mobile app, the user received the error message “Cannot connect to the requested server.” This article explains the cause behind the “Can not” (sic) message, as well as how to fix the problem.

“Can not connect to requested server” error message.


The error message occurs because the app cannot locate the server. In this case, the user had entered the server address incorrectly. Entering the “http://” prefix was not required and that is what caused the error. Once the user corrected the address to, the app was able to connect to the server.

Quick Fix

Verify that the address entered into the app is correct, being sure to exclude the prefix “http…”

Additional Comments

Issue found with TEKLYNX CENTRAL ClickPrint App on Android OS.

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