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A NiceLabel database table definition that was copied from another NiceLabel design keeps returning data from the original. The table filter fails to pull the data from the specified record table. Instead, it pulls from only the first record on the table.

Table Configuration window showing the Filter Tab

Situation and Symptoms

  • The NiceLabel design is using the Table variables from an SQL database.
  • The database connection is copied from a different label.
  • The original NiceLabel design that was duplicated works normally.
  • The filter is used to pull data from a specific record on the table.
  • Each time the label is run, the query only pulls data from the first record on the table.


We believe that the cause is the database table description encoded in the original label design. More specifically, specific field identifiers were created during user setup that were specific to that label design. And, those field identifiers are hidden from user view.

As a result, when the database table is copied to another label, those hidden connections and identifiers may fail as they were not created for that specific label design.


The first step is to remove the database table definition from the new label. This also means that you will need to remove any dependent variables as well. After that, you will need to recreate it.

Creating the database table definition “from scratch” appears to restore the hidden connections and values, allowing the label to print properly.

Additional Comments

Issue found in NiceLabel Designer 2019

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