“System clock has been turned back…” –  TEKLYNX CENTRAL Error Message

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TEKLYNX CENTRAL users have received an error message reading, “System clock has been turned back. Please adjust it to run the application or deactivate/reactivate if necessary.” This article explains the cause of the problem as well as its solution.


This message comes from the TEKLYNX CENTRAL license management system. This is running on the server. It has detected that the system clock on a computer is set ahead of the actual time. This triggers the TEKLYNX CENTRAL licensing system to disable the activation of the software on that computer. Unfortunately, the software will continue to be disabled even if the clock is re-set to the correct time. Apparently, any change to the clock from the current time will trigger this deactivation.

Virtual Machine after shutdown with future date of12:53 pm, March 30 (white arrow) in system clock while current time is 5:53 pm on March 29 (red arrow).

This problem might be caused by a virtual machine (VM) server. We have only noticed this future time error during startup after a complete shutdown of the VM. Rebooting the computer does not appear to trigger the time change in our environment. Only a restart after a shutdown did so in our testing.

Quick Fixes

We have found that the only way to resolve this issue is to deactivate and reactivate the license, followed by rebooting the server. However, this uses up TEKLYNX activations so it is not a good long-term approach.

At present, there is not a resolution to the “future time error.” We will update this article when there is a solution. However, it appears that if you are able to prevent the key TEKLYNX CENTRAL services from running when the “future time error” occurs, you will be able to prevent TEKLYNX from shutting down the activation.

The way to prevent TEKLYNX CENTRAL from running when the “future time error” occurs, you will need to shut down those services before shutting down the server. This can allow the user to log in and allow the VM server time to properly synchronize before doing a restart – and NOT a shutdown. After the restart, and with the services still off, turn the service back on and launch TEKLYNX CENTRAL.

NOTE: Setting the services to Manual start may help to prevent them from automatically launching after a shutdown or restart.

Set the following services Manual under Startup Type:

  • Slicense
  • TkxSvr Servers Service
  • Label Archive Server
  • Label Print Manager
  • LABELNET Host Common

Additional Comments

Issue found with TEKLYNX CENTRAL V5, V5.1 and V6 running on Windows 2016 with Antsle VM server running on Linux.

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