After Switching to SENTINEL, CODESOFT Label Counter Will Not Reset Between Label Printing Jobs – SENTINEL Problem


This article explains the problem of resetting a label counter that occurred after switching a CODESOFT label from strictly printing from the label designer to printing from SENTINEL and recommends solutions to the problem.


When a working CODESOFT label design was moved to SENTINEL for integrated printing, the counter would not reset to “1”.  It would start the counter by incrementing the value from the prior print job.   For example, if the last print job from SENTINEL ended with label #100, the label counter started with #101 (instead of #1).


The CODESOFT label design included a When Printed field that numbers each label in a series during a print job.  For example, if the label print user entered a value of “1” the first label would show a value of #001.  The second label in the print job shows #002.  This increment continues until the print job is complete.

The label design used a Counter within the When Printed field (instead of just creating a separate Counter field).  This allowed the print user to control the start of the label counter.  In most cases, the user would enter “1” for a typical print run.

If the printer user was attempting to replace and/or reprint labels missing or damaged from a prior print run, they could enter a value other than “1”.  For example, if the print user needed to replace labels #33 to #43 in a prior print run, they just enter “33” at the When Printed prompt with a quantity of 10 and CODESOFT would print replacement labels for the 33 to 43 range of labels.

The XML drop file driving the label print job did not include a value for the When Printed variable (i.e. the drop file did not provide a starting value for the label counter).  It was assumed the label counter would reset before the start of each print job.  However, the label design, instead, started the counter at the next value after the last print job.  In other words, if the last print job ran the counter from #1 to #100, the next print job would start at #101 instead of resetting back to #1.


There is a feature in CODESOFT that will force a When Printed field to restore the field to a specific default value.  When used with the Counter function within the When Printed input configuration, it will restore the counter to a specific variable.

In the example below, this When Printed field is set to restore to “1” after each print run.

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