“Status_repetitionblock” – MCL-Net Error


This Error Message Article explains the MCL-Net error message “Status_repetitionblock” and details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.


This is an MCL-Net warning message (i.e. WA type) that alerts the reader to a problem in transmission of data packets. Common reasons include:

  • Firewall (Local and Network) Block
  • Loss of Network Connection
  • Multiple Network Cards on the MCL-Net Host Server


Firewall (Local and Network) Block

Verify availability of ports 5000 to 5255. Also enable port forwarding. In a firewall scenario, redirect the port that MCL-Net uses to listen (default 5001) to the internal machine using Network Address Translation. Allow UDP Traffic going out from the MCL-Net machine as well. To do this, go into the NAT setup on the firewall and set up port redirection. Redirect anything coming into the firewall on port 5001 to port 5001 on the internal host with MCL-Net. This assumes, of course, that you use port 5001 to communicate.

Loss of Network Connection

Resolve why the device is not listening to return packets from MCL. Verify handheld is connected and available on the network. “RETRY” entries in the log may indicate a loss of connection. Keep in mind, however, RETRY can results from other factors too such as high latency and/or low bandwidth.

Multiple Network Cards (Host)

If the host server uses more than one network card, ensure only one of the network cards is defined. This means only using one NIC to send out and receive packets from MCL-Net. By design, MCL-Net must send out the response packet to a packet received by the MCL-Client using the same IP address and port. For example, in a dual network card scenario, it could receive the packet via one network card IP, and send the response packet via the other. In this case, you can manually set the priority of the network cards in your control panel.

Additional Comments

Issue Found: MCL-Net v3


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