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This article aims to provide possible solution to database related problem for BACKTRACK – The program won’t start and you received a message similar to this:

Unable to connect to the database.
Cannot open database “__________” requested by loging.  The login failed.
Login failed for user “sa”
Press OK to try again or cancel to exit program.


Please use extreme care when following these steps.  Permanent and/or irreparable damage to BACKTRACK system can occur

If you received an error message similar to the one mentioned above, the following steps may give you a solution.

Perform Backup

  1. Close BACKTRACK (if you have not done so already)
  2. Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect it to the SQL server instance which BACKTRACK is using.
  3. Backup Common database
  4. Backup all BACKTRACK databases.  They are most likely to have names that are computer generated.  They usually have random names.

Locate database containing all applications related to BACKTRACK.

  1. Expand Common database
  2. Expand Tables
  3. Right-Click on dbo.APPLCTNS and select Edit Top 200 Rows
  4. This table contains all of the databases that BACKTRACK application is using

At this stage, there are several situations that can happen.

  1. Verify that all the application listed in under APPL_NO column has corresponding database in SQL.  If there are any missing, deleting the corresponding records from APPLCTNS table may allow BACKTRACK to start.  BACKTRACK may remain broken.
  2. If all of the databases are present then there are two possibilities; the login information is incorrect or the corresponding database is corrupted.
  3. The login credential is stored in the file btwdata.ini located in C:\ProgramData\Teklynx\BACKTRACK folder where BACKTRACK is installed.  Verify that it is correct.
  4. If you confirmed the database login information, then we are left with one possibility – corrupted database.
  5. Locate the database name mentioned in the error message, and delete the row containing the corresponding application name from APPLCTNS table and delete the database from SQL.  This may allow BACKTRACK to start but the application may not function properly.

Additional Comments

Instructions Created Using:
OS (PC): Windows 8.1
Application: BACKTRACK 2012


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