Install and Configure SQL Express for BreadCrumbs Server – BreadCrumbs Instructions

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Follow these instructions to properly install and configure SQL Express for BreadCrumbs Server.


Before beginning, you will need to have:

  • SQL Express Installer
  • Admin access to the server


  1. Launch the SQL Express installer
  2. Select New SQL Installation.
    1. Make sure that Use Microsoft Update to check for updates is selected.
    1. Verify instance features selections.
    1. Use Default Instance (MSSQLSERVER).
    1. Accept Default Server Configuration.
    1. Choose Mixed mode for Authentication Mode.
    2. Set the password to the server’s System Administrator account. Be sure to write it down.
    1. Go to the Data Directories tab and create an MSSQL directory data folder within the root directory for the user database directory setting.
    1. While in Data Directories, create a dbBackups directory folder in the root directory for the backup directory setting.
    1. Click on the Filestream tab and select Enable FileStream, which is needed for storing images and files in the database.
    1. Click Next to complete the installation.

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