“Software version too old for this Microsoft Operating System” – TEKLYNX Error Message

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When launching TEKLYNX CODESOFT, LABELVIEW or LABEL MATRIX, the user receives an error message reading, “This Software version is too old for this Microsoft Operating System. Please use a more recent version of the Software.” This article explains the cause of the error message as well as offering ways to resolve the issue.


We observed this error message appear with upgrades to Windows 11. The TEKLYNX brand software does not recognize the operating system as being compatible with the new version of Windows. As a result, if you upgrades your workstation’s OS, but have not updated your version of TEKLYNX software, you will see the error message and won’t be able to run the application.

Quick Fixes

There are two solutions available for you. Which one is the best solution for you, depends on your particular situation.

You can:

  1. Try to roll back the Windows upgrade to the previous version which worked with the TEKLYNX app.
  2. Or, you can upgrade to the latest release of the TEKLYNX software. We are able to assist you with that.

Since this Microsoft update is often sent out automatically and is free, we recommend you turn off automatic updates and verify that you are running the following releases of v2021 or later:

  • CODESOFT v2021.00.01
  • LABELVIEW v2021.00.01
  • LABEL MATRIX v2021.00.01

Here is how you can verify your release of the software: http://efficientbi.com/knowledge-base/find-serial-number-codesoft-license/

If you need a link to download v2021.00.01 release, please Contact Us and we can email you a direct link.

Additional Comments

Issue found with Windows 11 and LABELVIEW v2018

If you need further assistance, please contact us.


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