“Unfortunately the software could not be activated…” – TEKLYNX Error Message

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When trying to activate software, the user sees the following error message in the Activation window:
“Unfortunately, the software could not be activated.
273-This license is not for this product: version mismatch.

Please contact Tech Support for assistance.”

This article explains the issue that prompted the error message as well as the steps needed to resolve the situation.

TEKLYNX CENTRAL 6 activation screen Error 273 message


The error message occurred because the user attempted to activate the software with a license for an older version.

When a user activates software, entering the license serial number and password, the TEKLYNX software attempts to confirm the validity with TEKLYNX’s license cloud. In addition to confirming that the serial number and password are valid, the license server also confirms that the credentials are for the right product as well as the correct version.

The activation process will not allow a user to activate newer versions of the software than the most recent version purchased or upgraded.

EBI clients who are on a Support and Maintenance program can get their license version upgraded by contacting us. We will upgrade it on TEKLYNX’s licensing server. Once that is confirmed, the same serial and password credentials used for the older software will work to activate the newer version.

In the case that prompted this article, the client had an annual Support and Maintenance Plan with EBI. We upgraded the license and they were able to activate their software on the second try.

Quick Fixes

Contact EBI.

Support and Maintenance Plan clients can contact EBI. We will upgrade the license on TEKLYNX’s server. Those who don’t yet have a support plan with EBI may still contact our customer service. We are able to provide options to get your software activated quickly and effectlively

Additional Comments

Issue found with TEKLYNX CENTRAL v6

If you need further assistance, please contact us.


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