SLicense Does Not Stay Running – CODESOFT Problem

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The SLicence service would stop running after a few seconds following a manual restart. The Event Log did not contain any meaningful indication as to why the service kept failing. However, when running SLicence manually through the Command prop, exporting the output to a text file reveals an error message, “Unable to restore user files” (C:\program files (x86)\Teklynx\CODESOFT\Network\Slicense >> )”

Situation and Symptoms

The incident that prompted this article began when the user received an error message from UMSS-MSGS console. When the user tried to log in as Administrator, he received the error message, “There are not permission to process the requests”.  This problem was resolved by simply rebooting the server.

After the server was rebooted. SLicense would not stay in a running state. And, when manually restarted, it will go into stop state after a few seconds.


We suspected that the Network License Tool had become corrupted. This is most likely caused by a Windows update. We followed up with the user who confirmed that there was a Windows update applied earlier in the day.


We were able to resolve the problem of SLicense failing to stay running by performing a repair on the Network License Tool. After that, the service resumed operating normally.


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