Skipping a Label Version – LABEL ARCHIVE or TEKLYNX CENTRAL Instructions


This Instruction Article explains how to skip a label version for LABEL ARCHIVE or TEKLYNX CENTRAL. This is helpful when you want to increment the the label version to match other documentation such as product version or version assigned to an engineering drawing.


  • An approved label design file checked in with version number assigned
  • “Don’t save drafts between final versions” feature enabled


  1. Open CODESOFT (aka Label Designer), click on Check out, select the last approved label version (e.g. v11 below), and OK to check it out.
  2. Check the label back into LABEL ARCHIVE as Draft (this will add a draft an increment the version number, e.g. v12, as shown below)

  3. Check out new label version (e.g. 12), make any changes if desired
  4. When ready to skip the version (e.g. 12), check in as ‘Final’ state to approve latest version (e.g. v12)
  5. Check out the recently approved version (i.e. v12) and check in as draft to increment the version (i.e. v13)
  6. Delete the last approved version (i.e. v12)
  7. Verify deleted version was removed

Additional Comments

Note in the picture above, v12 is now missing or skipped. All changes are being made in v13. The last approved version (the one used for active printing) is still v11.


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