On-Site EBI Professional Services Prepartion of Labeling Systems – Instruction Article


This Instruction Article explains how to prepare for EBI on-site services.


To maximize the value of the EBI professional service and minimize the risk of cost overruns, please prepare for our visit by reviewing the list below. You will likely get other specific requests from your EBI Project Manager. However, the list below should help you identify and remedy issues that commonly cause project hours to increase unnecessarily.

  1. Comfortable Worksite – since this work often requires several hours of focused sitting, please provide:
    • A clear workspace (e.g. desk)
    • Adjustable chair with back support
    • Ergonomically positioned keyboard and mouse
    • One very large visual display or multiple medium to large displays
    • Minimal background noise
    • Free of unnecessary distraction
    • Easily accessible bathroom and refreshments (water, coffee, etc.)
  2. Systems Access – the nature of our work requires frequent and varied access to different networks, applications, and databases. Please provide a high level of system accessibility by  providing:
    • High speed network and Internet access (i.e. Ethernet or high-speed WIFI)
    • Login credentials – ID and password for PC, network and other database and/or application with local and/or full administrator permissions (if the credentials cannot be supplied due to security policy reasons, someone with the credentials must be physically and immediately available during the entire visit at any time to enter them)
  3. Equipment – Tools provided on site should be in optimal working condition with sufficient processor speed and memory to perform intense tasks.
    • New or newly upgraded (i.e. last three years) PC and/or server hardware
    • OS updates recently applied
    • Software required for work is ready
      • For work on existing labeling software, please verify the software version and confirm connections to printers are configured and working
      • For software to be installed, please download the correct version installer file(s) and place in a local easily accessable (i.e. desktop of user profile to be used by EBI for installation and configuration), EBI can provide download links if needed
    • Thermal label printer (if label design development or testing required)
      • For work on existing printers, please make sure printer age is five years or less from manufacture date
      • For new printer installation, please make sure physical and virtual ports are easily available and defined including physical Ethernet ports, USB ports, WIFI coverage and access, and IP addresses assigned and allowed through the firewall on the network
    • Printing supplies (if label design development or testing required) – labels of correct size, material, and quantity are provided, and ribbon compatible with the labels and in sufficient quantity is installed and/or available
  4. Support Staff – any staff required for system access, label approval, or remote site work (employees, subcontractors, and vendors that manage, control, or support aspects of the system) are:
    • Identified (name, position, how to contact)
    • Quickly available during our visiting hours
    • Properly introduced to the EBI site representative before starting work (so they understand who we are, why we are there, and what we may need)
  5. Verified Source Data – If the project requires pulling data from a database, drop file, TCP/IP connection, or other automated source, please provide samples BEFORE the visit so we can analyze them for possible issues.



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