Setup Transaction Pre-Authorization – BACKTRACK Instruction Article


This article explains how a BACKTRACK administrator can use a formula to determine how and when transactions are allowed.


  2. Go to Transaction Pre-authorization screen (in Advanced Edit section):
    • Database Maintenance
    • Administration Functions
    • Maintain Application
    • [Application Name]
    • Edit
    • Advanced Edit
    • Transaction Pre-authorization
  3. Select the transaction to modify (“Select criteria for:” drop down menu)
  4. Build the formula using the buttons at the top of the screen (from left to right):
    • Add Criteria
    • Edit Criteria
    • Delete Criteria
    • Toggle Between And/Or Logic
    • Add Beginning of Grouping
    • Remove Beginning of Grouping
    • Add End of Grouping
    • Remove End of Grouping
  5. Enter message to display when the formula above is true
  6. Select “Allow transaction” if you want the transaction to continue when the statement is true
  7. Select OK to complete and OK to confirm Edit Applications Options screen
  8. Test to confirm it works correctly

Transaction Pre-Authorization Screen Showing a Sample Rule

Additional Comments

Tested Software, Hardware, and Operating Systems:
OS (PC): Windows 7, 8
Application: BACKTRACK v2012.0.3


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