Setting Printers in Sentinel Manager – Sentinel Instructions

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By setting printers in Sentinel Manager you can control which printers are available when printing labels from CODESOFT. Follow the steps in this article to allocate the desired printers.


You will need to know how many printers are available for use with your license.


  1. Open Sentinel Manager
  2. Select the desired job.
  3. Right-click on it to open the CODESOFT printing interface.
  1. Select the printers to reserve. Only the printers you reserve will be available when printing from CODESOFT -> Sentinel -> Printer.
CODESOFT Printing Plug-in Window showing the printers which have been reserved. Note the number of printers available under the license shown at the bottom along with the number of printers selected.
  1. Click OK to save your changes.
  2. Reopen the CODESOFT printing plug-in to confirm that the settings are properly saved.

Additional Comments

Tested using Sentinel 2021 and CODESOFT 2021.

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