Setting Password for CODESOFT Template – Instructions

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Setting a password is the most popular way to prevent someone from modifying the design of a label template that has been approved for production. This article will guide you through the steps for setting a password for a CODESOFT Template.


Before you begin, you must have a basic understanding of CODESOFT’s functionality. You should also have an easily rememberable password in mind.

IMPORTANT: If you forget the password for your template, there is no way to recover or bypass it. You will then have to recreate the label template.


There are two levels of passwords available for a CODESOFT document. The first is Full Control which allows you to make changes to the label template. The second is the Print Only password. You can have a Full Control password without having a Print Only password, but you cannot have a Print Only password without a Full Control password associated with the file.

1. Open the label template for which you want to assign a password

2. Click File/Properties

3. In the Properties window, select Extended on the left panel

Properties window with the Set document password button highlighted.

4. Click on Set document password

5. You will be prompted to enter the Full Control password. Note that the Print Only password fields are grayed out until you have entered the Full Control password.

The Full Control password must be entered in order to proceed.

6. Enter the Full Control password, and the confirmation

7. Next, enter the Print Only password, and the confirmation

8. Click OK

9. Save the file


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