Setting a Maximum Serial Number for a Print Job – CODESOFT Instructions

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It is possible to set a maximum serial number for a print job in CODESOFT. This is typically done in order to prevent too many labels from being printed. This keeps a user from accidentally exceeding the maximum value allowed for a serial number. This article shows how to use @SerialQty control variable.


Begin by opening the desired label design file in CODESOFT.


  1. Create Qty as a When Printed field.
Qty as a when printed field in CODESOFT
Qty as a “When Printed” field.
  1. Add Max value as an Advanced Data Source
Adding Max as an Advanced Field
  1. Set up the Counter using the new Max value as Maximum.
Counter – in hexidecimal format with the Max value set as Maximum
  1. Add a formula to calculate the number of labels remaining before reaching the maximum value. (Shown here as LabelLeft)
“LabelLeft” formula using a hexidecimal conversion.
  1. Add the @SerialQtyForumula to set the Actual Print Quantity to the lesser of the Requested Print Quantity or LabelLeft Value.
@SerialQty formula
  1. Test the label to confirm that it will not print a label exceeding the maximum serial number.

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Tested Using CODESOFT 2019

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