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This article will guide you through the steps needed to set the Form mode from Automatic to Custom in CODESOFT. This procedure is the recommended solution for users who are experiencing “Printing has been failed” error messages when attempting to output a CODESOFT form using Click Print.


  • All fields to show on the form created as When Printed data source in CODESOFT
When Printed appearing in the Data Sources menu.
  • Verify that each of these When Printed fields are set to Display on Form
Display in form box checked.
  • Save any images that will be imported onto the form, such as a company logo, etc. to an easy-to-find folder. We recommend saving the folder on the Desktop. Once you have completed these items, you are ready to set the form mode to “Custom”.


  1. Go to the Forms button on the Ribbon and select Form Settings.
Form settings… in the Form dropdown.
  1. Select the Custom Form mode.
Form Settings window.
  1. Select the OK button to save the new settings.
Click on OK to save the new settings.
  1. Go back to the Forms button on the ribbon and select Edit Form, which now appears on the menu.
Edit Form… in the Form dropdown.
  1. Use the Edit Form feature to build your new form.
Edit Forms window.

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Tested with CODESOFT v2019

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