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To maximize scanner performance and lower failure to read rates, the focus must be set in the scanner so that the internal firmware settings (set using the Genius software) match the physical settings (set using a flat head screwdriver on the back of the scanner).

Estimated Time Required

15 minutes or less.


  1. Connect to scanner with Genius (see Related Article below “Update the Configuration of a Datalogic Fixed Position Barcode Scanner “
  2. Upload the scanner configuration using Device \ Get
  3. Confirm scanner is unlocked (see Related Article below “Unlock Datalogic DSXXXX Fixed Position Scanner)
  4. Physically adjust scanner settings to correct distance (use flat head screwdriver and make adjustment on back of scanner)
  5. Physically lock the scanner settings by holding down the button until the LED for Focus illuminates
  6. Lock the scanner settings (“Get” scanner settings, changed the Key Functionality to “Locked”, “Send” scanner settings back down to scanner)

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