“Warning: Current Session is in RDP…” – BACKTRACK Error Message

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This article explains the BACKTRACK error message, “Warning: Current session is in RDP (remote application / remote desktop) mode. NOTE: Hardware License is not detected in RPD mode”. We also offer a quick solution to the problem.


As indicated in the error message, the user is using Remote Desk Protocol (RDP). In this case, they are attempting to use the UpgradeWizard to perform a license operation. This is especially common when deploying on virtual machines. However, TEKLYNX does not allow many activities over RDP. Among these is the ability to determine whether the workstation has a valid software license.

Quick Fix

Instead of RDP, IT staff should attempt to connect to the server and perform the tasks via VM console or Virtual Network Computing (VNC).

Additional Comments

Issue found with BACKTRACK.

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