Label Archive Server Service will not Start – LABEL ARCHIVE Problem

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This article specifically addresses the problem with a new LABEL ARCHIVE installation where Label Archive Server service will not start immediately after installation or server restart.

Situation and Symptoms

  • Installation of LABEL ARCHIVE, restarting the computer, or restarting the LABEL ARCHIVE Server service
  • Microsoft SQL as database
  • Manual attempts to start it fails
  • Event log for Label Archive Server service provides errors messages that hint at database connection problems, for example:
    • System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Cannot open database “LABELARCHIVE” requested by the login. The login failed.
    • Login failed for user ‘PFE\PFE-LA$’. at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlInternalConnection.OnError(SqlException exception, Boolean breakConnection)


If the service will not start, is could be that the LABEL ARCHIVE Server service cannot connect to the SQL database.

We have seen a couple of potential issues to cause this:

  1. Inadequate database permissions given to LABEL ARCHIVE Server service
  2. LABEL ARCHIVE Server service finds components of the database (i.e. UMSS or MSGS) missing or corrupted

#1 Inadequate SQL database permissions given to LABEL ARCHIVE Server services

Typically this only happens if the user installed LABEL ARCHIVE using Windows authentication into SQL. This is the default. However, requiring LABEL ARCHIVE Server service to Windows authentication means that SQL might block access to the database if the user or, sometimes, the ‘Logon account’ used with one of the services, loses access to the database.

SQL Database server login window

Installing with using the ‘SQL Server authentication using the Login ID and password below’ option can avoid this potential problems if the user opts to setup and use a system administrator (i.e. SA) account.

#2 LABEL ARCHIVE Server service finds components of the database (i.e. UMSS or MSGS) missing or corrupted

We saw this happen once when a user attempted to resolve another technical problem by running a repair on the UMSS database. The attempt corrupted the UMSS database settings in LABEL ARCHIVE such that the LABEL ARCHIVE Server service could no complete the startup.


Uninstall the LABEL ARCHIVE Server. Then, reinstall it. This time, be sure to select SQL Server authentication…  For Login ID, use ‘sa‘. If your organization does not allow the use of ‘sa‘, you will need to setup a user within SQL system and use it to login.  After installation is completed, make sure that both of the services are using Local System as Log On As.

You can make the necessary repairs without uninstalling and reinstalling the software. Instead, it involves modifying configuration files.  If this is your preferred method, please give us a call.  



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