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This article explains how to resolve the SENTINEL problem that SENTINEL will not print when using TEKLYNX Printer Drivers.


There are times when printing direct to the printer will not work.  It is in these cases, an alternate solution that uses the Windows Print Spooler is required


When a TEKLYNX driver is setup in SENTINEL, by default it is set to print directly to the printer (i.e. not use Windows spooler).  You can visually validate this setup when you see the arrow (“->”) in front of the IP address as the port in the “Process” settings for the Sentinel.


There are two known solutions to enable SENTINEL to use the Windows Print Spooler:

  1. Use Windows Drivers – Install Windows print drivers via Windows Control Panel.  Windows will automatically create the print spooler.  SENTINEL will detect Windows Print Drivers and add them to the printer list.  You can then use the Windows printer name or create an alias for it in SENTINEL.
  2. Use TEKLYNX Drivers with Windows Spooler – Setup a printer in SENTINEL (“Add Printer”) and then link it to a print spooler created in through Windows Control Panel or reuse an old one previously created with another Windows Print Driver (see article reference below).

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