“…This Plug-In May Not Be Available” – SENTINEL Error Message

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When trying to access a feature in SENTINEL, the user gets an error message reading “Depending on the product version you have purchased, this plug-in may not be available.” The error message itself doesn’t explain the cause, the solution is fairly straightforward.

Situation & Symptoms

  • The error message appears when accessing the REST Web Server API
  • The original SENTINEL license was issued prior to 2022.


    Most users have experienced something similar with other software – the publisher makes an update and suddenly favorite plug-ins or scripts no longer work. The same thing has happened with SENTINEL. In 2022 SENTINEL’s publisher TEKLYNX implemented a new license type. Data Exchange replaced the REST Web Server API. Many plug-ins were updated as well. As a result some of those plug-ins no longer function with the old API.

    One example is a Print Pack. It has been updated to work with Data Exchange and it is not backwards-compatible.

    In the situation that sparked this topic, we tried to access a print pack on our test server via the License Manager for SENTINEL 2021 and we received the error message shown at the start of this article.

    However, when we upgraded to the Data Exchange for SENTINEL 2022 (see Solution, below) the print pack plug-in was available.


    The Data Exchange license type is a no-cost update from TEKLYNX. If your SENTINEL license was first issued before 2022, then you will need to upgrade. You can do this by contacting TEKYNX, or by contacting us. We will be able to assist you in updating your license. You will need to briefly deactivate and then reactivate the license in order to enable the features.

    Additional Comments

    Tested using SENTINEL 2021 and SENTINEL 2022.

    If you need further assistance, please contact us.


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