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This Reference Article defines and explains the possible fine tuning of sentinel specific (i.e. only one sentinel watch) settings in SENTINEL to accommodate unusual printing requirements. For sentinel general SENTINEL settings, see:


This reference article is meant for advanced users of SENTINEL. Such users should have the following skills:

  • Thorough knowledge of SENTINEL
  • Working knowledge of XML is highly recommended

The TKXCS XML file is located on the host computer here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Teklynx\Sentinel\Tkxcs.xml

A sample file may be downloaded for reference: Sample Tkxcs.xml

These are settings that affect only one sentinel and must be inserted and/or used between the <Sentinel name=”[Name given to the watch]“> and </Sentinel> parameters.

Exclusive use of a print engine

<OwnPrintEngine> – sets the ownership of the print engine. A value of 0 = shared, 1 = dedicated. A setting of 1 will set a Sentinel to have exclusive use of a print engine.

If the option is enabled, the SENTINEL will use its own dedicated instance of the print engine for printing. This will create a additional instance of the print engine in the server RAM isolating it from potential problems incurred by other print engines running simultaneously. This setting can help alleviate the delay if previous job is taking too long to finish or abort. It has exclusive use of a print engine which means it waits for no other job.

Number of Retries

<RetryPrint> – In case of failed label print, CODESOFT Printing plugin will wait 500ms then try to print again. Number of retries is set by this parameter. The default is 1. Setting this to 0 will eliminate the extra time that the other print jobs have to wait for the current job to be aborted.

Print job timeout

<PrintTimeOut> – This parameter controls the amount of time the printing engine will wait before aborting the current print job. A short timeout will shorten the wait time that other jobs have to wait in case of printer communication problems. The time is in seconds.  It may be possible to set the time to less than 1 second but this has not been confirmed at this time.


View of typical Tkxcs.xml file with the <PrintTimeout> setting highlighted:


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