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This Reference Article defines and explains the possible fine tuning of the general (i.e. global) settings in SENTINEL to accommodate unusual printing requirements. For sentinel specific settings, see:


This reference article is meant for advanced users of SENTINEL. Such users should have the following skills:
• Thorough knowledge of SENTINEL
• Working knowledge of XML is highly recommended

The TKXCS XML file is located on the host computer here:

A sample file may be downloaded for reference:Sample Tkxcs.xml

These are settings that affect all sentinels and must be inserted and/or used between the <General> and </General> parameters.

Number of print engines

By default, SENTINEL will run up to 5 concurrent print engines at the same time. It is possible to increase this by adjusting the parameter Lppa in the <General> section.

<Lppa>100</Lppa> sets the maximum number of print engines for SENTINEL to 100. 100 is the maximum that SENTINEL will accept. It is recommended to not assign a number much larger than is needed. This parameter will directly impact the amount of memory required to run SENTINEL on the server. SENTINEL will use approximately one gigabyte per print engine.

Number of retries

<RetryPrint> – In case of failed label print, CODESOFT Printing plugin will wait 500ms then try to print again. Number of retries is set by this parameter. The default is 1. Setting this to 0 will eliminate the extra time that the other print jobs have to wait for the current job to be aborted.


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