PDF Printer Won’t Print with SENTINEL – SENTINEL Problem


This article explains a problem found with the SENTINEL BullZip which causes the PDF printer program to fail. In the solution section, the article provides advice on how to help the user get the PDF printer to print.


  • No PDF file is generated or saved
  • No error message appears in the SENTINEL log
  • NOTE: Windows Print Queue works normally.


This situation normally occurs in a test environment where the user generates a print job by manually (interactive mode) dropping a file directly on to SENTINEL. It will generate a print job (with PDF driver). You can see the print job in the PDF print queue. The expectation is for the PDF driver to create a PDF file and place the result somewhere on the same server.

This problem occurs with BullZip, and may occur with other programs like PDF Creator.

To solve this problem, it is best to know how each of the components interact.

  1. When SENTINEL sees a drop file, it will process the content of the file. Usually, this involves SENTINEL calling the CODESOFT print engine to load a label template and print the labels according to the information in the file.
  2. The CODESOFT print engine uses the printer information provided in the file or default printer if none is present. In this case, PDF printer.
  3. The CODESOFT print engine successfully generated the print job and deposited it in the PDF print queue.
  4. PDF driver/tools picks up the job from the queue to create the PDF file. (This is where the failure happens)

The source of this problem is permissions.

  • SENTINEL and CODESOFT are running as a service under Local System
  • The PDF tool (not a service), runs as the user who is currently logged in

The problem is that the PDF tool cannot process a file created by another user (Local System).


The solution is to change the login user for the Label Print Manager service to be the same as the person who does login to the server.


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