Send a Print Job to a File (Using UNC Path for Port) – SENTINEL / CODESOFT Instructions

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This Instruction Article explains how to configure SENTINEL or CODESOFT to save a print job as a file using a UNC path for the print port. These instructions apply to CODESOFT but are often used in CODESOFT / SENTINEL systems.

Specifically, we see this used in circumstances where the client seeks to use SENTINEL / CODESOFT to generate print files. But, the client intends for a third party application to perform actual printing of those print jobs. The third part application manipulates the print code (often inserting variable data) embedded in those print files. Then it controls execution of the print jobs by sending the changed/updated print code directly to the printer.


  • CODESOFT Enterprise installed with license activation complete
  • Destination folder for the print file identified and configured with appropriate sharing and security settings


STEP 1 – With CODESOFT open, navigate to Printer selection screen.

STEP 2 – Click on the Port… button, select the correct port from the Port list, and click on the Network printers… button.
Note: if you want to do this with a new port, you can click on the Create new port button before selecting the port.

STEP 3 – Enter the UNC path including destination file name and press OK.

UNC path including destination print file name

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Tested Using: CODESOFT v2014

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