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SATO M84Pro Thermal Printer

Product Overview

Sato’s M84Pro series of rugged, high-speed, high-performance printers offer users flexible options with label print speeds of 10, 8 and 6 inches per second at 203, 305 and 609 dpi resolution, respectively. This customizability allows industrial users to optimize label output to meet their specific needs.

Whether the need is for long-lasting barcodes to track parts and valuable assets, or quickly output a batch to enable logistics and supply chain procedures to flow smoothly, the M84Pro offers a complete, high-performance, on-site labeling solution.

Printer parameters can be set using the front control panels and DIP switches, avoiding the frustration of having to reposition the printer to access inconvenient panels on the rear. The 18MB of onboard memory already includes all popular bar code systems, along with 14 human-readable fonts, including both raster and vector types allowing for a wide range of type styles and sizes. Labels can be printed from any Windows software.

The field-replaceable print head communicates with the printer so that it automatically loads the appropriate drivers and firmware, saving time and increasing operating efficiencies.

Product Information

Product Datasheet

M84Pro Data Sheet (PDF)

Operator and Technical Manuals

M84 Operator Manual (PDF)

M84 Quick-Start Guide (PDF)

E/Pro Programming Reference (PDF)


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