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This Instruction Article explains how to run the SQL Configuration Manager for in Windows 10 and later editions. Microsoft has changed the SQL Configuration Manager from an application (i.e. exe) to a snap-in named SQLServerManagerXX.msc (XX is the version of SQL, e.g. SQLServerManager11.msc is for SQL 2012).

Estimated Time Required

Less and 15 minutes


Two Methods:

Run the .msc File Directly

Navigate to c:\windows\system32 or C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder and find the correct .msc file name. The file name should be SQLServerManagerXX.msc (replace XX with the correct version name – e.g. 11 is SQL 2012).

Use the Computer Management Applet

Find the Computer Management Applet: Control Panel→Administrative Tools→Computer Management. Navigate to Computer Management \ Services and Applications \ SQL Server Configuration Manager.

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