Running BACKTRACK with UAC and/or without Administrator permissions – BACKTRACK Problem


This article explains possible causes for BACKTRACK problems related to UAC and Administrator permissions and provides a possible solution to these problems.


When running BACKTRACK v6 on Windows 7, launching the BACKTRACK client application can run into problems including requiring the user to have or enter Adminstrator credentials and/or giving permissions to the UAC.


Scenarios include:

  • User Account Control (UAC) Settings ON – Requires Admin login
  • UAC OFF – With Admin privileges or Admin User
  • UAC OFF  – No Admin privileges – Error message when starting the application. If you choose “No”, the application starts.

There is no known way to avoid the UAC.


To avoid problems with privileges, make sure the local BT6 directory is shared for ‘Everyone’ to have ‘Full Control’.

Additional Comments

Software Found On: Windows 7, BACKTRACK 6


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