Right Side Print Margin Stuck at 4″ – Thermal Printer Problem

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When fine tuning the print on thermal label printers, it is normal to make some adjustments to label margins. However, this can be a frustrating process as many issues can cause complications. This is especially true when the printer won’t print to the full width. No matter how one tries to adjust the output, the margin is stuck at 4 inches. This article explains the cause of this issue and shows you how to resolve it.

Blue line shows where print cuts off at 4″

Situation and Symptoms

  • The printing cuts off on the right side before reaching the full width of the print area
  • Text consistently cuts off at approximately 4″ from the side.
  • All adjustments to the printer driver and label design do not move the margin further to the right
  • The thermal printer is using a 6″ print head
  • The label width is wider than 4″
  • The label is correctly rendered in the label design software (CODESOFT in this example).


In this example, the problem is that the wrong printer driver is being used.

Most thermal printers use a four-inch wide print head. However, in this case, a six-inch wide print head is being used. Some, but not all thermal printer manufacturers offer these wider heads. However, it is not standard, and the default printer driver is configured for four-inch heads. It is entirely too easy to accidentally use the wrong driver as the standard and wide-head driver software often have very similar names.

Because of this, the printer was dutifully printing for the standard label stock, rather than the wider media that was loaded. Once the correct driver was installed, the printer output the full print image.


As you may have figured out from reading this far, the correct solution to the issue is to download the correct printer driver that will work with the wider print head. When we did this both CODESOFT embedded drivers and the printer manufacturers’ Windows print drivers worked as expected. The margin wasn’t stuck at 4″ and the label design was able to print at full width.

Be sure to select the correct print driver for the wider print head.

Additional Comments

Issue found with TSC MH361 MH 6-inch Series printer using CODESOFT with CFI.

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