Restoring BACKTRACK Backup Files from Older Versions – BACKTRACK Reference Article


This article explains several possible causes and solutions to problems that could occur when restoring BACKTRACK backup files to a newer version.


Problems often occur when restoring BACKTRACK restore files from older versions

  1. Missing dbf files for a given application or applications (e.g. TRANS.dbf)
  2. Missing dbf files for drop down fields (i.e. ‘Relations’)
  3. Corrupted ‘Advanced’ Reports
  4. Corrupted Exports/Imports
  5. Loss of Security Settings (e.g. passwords)
  6. Loss of data (e.g. Transaction records for a given time period disappear)
  7. Data integrity loss (i.e. columns do not always transfer correctly)
  8. Loss of drop down field (i.e. ‘Relations’) settings
  9. Duplicate key field values appear (e.g. Group table)
  10. Transaction database file too large

These issues can cause many problems which are not always easy to detect immediately.

Fixes that have been applied

  1. Restoring through ‘middle’ versions…restore from v4.5 to v2012 does not work so we restore from v4.5 to v6 and then to v2012.
  2. Use the Import/Export function to manually export data from old the old version and import back into the new version to overwrite or append data
  3. Use SQL Management Studio to manually change data (e.g. remove duplicates)
  4. Move BACKTRACK from FoxPro to SQL in same version (i.e. v6), and then upgrade to new version (i.e. 2012)…solved #10 above.


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