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This article can be use to bring BACKTRACK back to life after a failed database operation – ie. restore. After such failed operations, BACKTRACK database may become corrupted and the program is unable to run.



  1. Locate the installation program package for BACKTRACK (BT) 2012. It should be in a compressed format.
  2. Extract the software into a regular folder.
  3. Inside the extracted folder, there should be a zip file called BT2102_SQL_DB_CREATE. Extract all the files into a separate folder.  Inside this folder there should be another folder called 20873_bis.
  4. Copy the 20783_bis to a convenient location and set the security setting for this folder to be Full Control by Everyone.
  5. Make a backup copy of 20783_bis folder. You need to do this if you expect to run this procedure multiple times.
  6. Modify the properties of RegisterDatabases.bat shortcut to include:
  7. Target: To include the SQL instance, login ID and password for the SQL Server.  For example:
  8. C:\Users\public\Desktop\20873\RegisterDatabases.bat sqlexpress sa password!
  9. Sqlexpress – the instance of SQL that holds the BT database
  10. sa                 – login ID to SQL
  11. password! – password for sa
  12. Start in: To be the location where the 20783_bis folder is located

Repair Process:

  1. Clean up old databases
  2. Open up SQL Server Management Studio and connected to the SQL server that stores the database for BT
  3. Expand the Databases folder.
  4. Delete all databases that belong to BT. They generally start with a 3 letters (all CAPS) and a 4 digit-number.  Please be very careful not to delete any non-BT databases.
  5. Delete String database
  6. Delete AppTmpls database
  7. Delete Common database
  8. At this point, you should only have System Databases remains
  9. Rebuild new dataset
  10. In the 20783_bis folder, double-click the RegisterDatabase.bat shortcut.
  11. If you receive an error, check the ReaditFirst text file in the folder
  12. Note: After a successful run, the 4 folders inside 20783_bis (AppTmpls, Common, Strings and WXVG0003) will be empty.  If you need to rerun this procedure again, you can copy the 4 folders from the backup you made earlier.

Additional Comments

Instructions Written Using:
Application: BACKTRACK v2012


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