Reaching EBI Support on Microsoft Teams – EBI Support Instructions

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EBI Support is available via Microsoft Teams. This offers you an even faster way to reach a team member to resolve your issue. This article provides instructions on how to connect to EBI Support on Teams.


If you are already on Teams:

Open Teams app and type in to start your call, chat or video.

If you do not already have Teams:

  1. To get the free version of Microsoft Teams, click on this link and follow the prompts to enter your email address and create an account.
  1. Verify your information and then click “Set up Teams”
  1. Once Microsoft creates your Team account, you will be prompted to download the Teams desktop app or given the choice to use the Teams web app instead.
  1. Enter to begin your session with EBI support.

For Additional Information

For detailed instructions or support for Microsoft Teams itself, please go to Microsoft Support.


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