Radio Buttons Grayed Out (Except General and Display) for Image Related Tasks – Datalogic VPM Problem


This article explains how to resolve a Datalogic VPM software problem that prevents the use of radio buttons for image-related tasks.


When updating a VPM program, may of the radio buttons at the top of the right side window pane are gray and not operable.  This primarily affects Locating and Reading drawers in the Toolbox.  We have seen it appear in:

  • Code Reader:
    • ROI
    • Pass/Fail
    • Grades
  • Pattern Sorting:
    • Database
    • Search ROI and Pass/Fail


This indicates a problem with the task using the image from the camera.  In the situation that this first appeared, the tool (Code Reader and Pattern Sorting) was linked to the incorrect Image In Task properties:

  • I Image = Null (to get images from a color camera or emulator)
  • Color Image = Null / O Gray Image = Null (to store images in the PDM database)


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