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The strength of the Adobe Acrobat .pdf file format is that a PDF will look and print the same on virtually any computer and printer. However, SENTINEL does not natively print PDF files. Given that, printing PDFs using SENTINEL is possible by also using the free Bullzip PDF printer program.


Before you begin you will need the following:

  • An available SENTINEL printer license.
  • Bullzip PDF Printer installed on the workstation. See this article for full instructions.


After completing the installation, you must configure the Bullzip printer so that it will print to SENTINEL. This is because PDF printers cannot handle situations where a pop-up appears and a file destination location must be selected.

  1. Locate and open the Bullzip printer optioins. You can find it by entering bullzip in the Windows Search Bar.
  1. In the Output section of the General tab, enter the file path for any generated files. This ensures that any generated PDFs will be sent to the same location each time without having to manually enter details.

NOTE: You can adjust other settings in this window as needed. Among these options is Confirm Overwrite which can be useful when printing new labels.

  1. Make sure that a service account that has access to printers is assigned to the Label Print Manager service. A local system account will not work. Open Services and browse to the Label Print Manager service.
  1. Click on the service’s Properties.
  2. Click on the Log On tab.
  3. Select an account that has permissions to use the Bullzip PDF Printer and enter the credentials.
  1. Test to confirm that SENTINEL is properly configured to print to the Bullzip printer by creating a test print job and sending it to the Bullzip printer. The PDF automatically appearing in the target directory confirms success.
SENTINEL generating the test print PDF file.
The generated test PDF file.

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