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This Reference Article defines and explains the topic of how to print labels using white on a black background instead of the typical black on white. Others refer to this as Reverse or Negative printing. We recommend one of these three methods to achieve this as described or linked below. 


Most of the time, labels are printed on white label stock with black lettering/marking.  There may be technical or aesthetic reasons for printing some part or all of a label on a black background. This is accomplished by:

  1. Use Black Label Stock and White Ribbon
  2. Use the Reverse Color Option in the Printer Driver
  3. Design the Label to Reverse the Colors of some or all of the objects.

Method 1: Use Black Label Stock and White Ribbon

Note: This method requires the use of a thermal transfer printer that uses a ribbon. For direct thermal printers, use one of the other methods.

Purchase black label stock and white thermal printer ribbon through your usual channel. If you need assistance, contact Efficient Business Products.

Method 2: Using the Reverse Color Option in the Print Driver

 This is the simplest and most cost-effective method, however not all printers support this feature.

  1. Open label design as normal.
  2. Select File / Printer setup or click on the Printer setup button.
Printer Setup button on main screen (Shift+F5)

3. Check the appropriate box, labeled variously “Black/White Reversed”, “Negative”, etc. to reverse the print.

Example of Black/White Reverse setting on Zebra ZT410

4. Click OK and continue the remaining steps to print as normal.

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