“Printing has been failed” – CODESOFT Click Print Error Message

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This article explains the CODESOFT Click Print error message “Printing has been failed”. It also provides the details on how to correct the issue that caused it.

“Printing has been failed” error message.


While there is more than one issue that can generate the error message, we have identified a specific cause. In the incident that prompted this article, we determined that the cause was the Dynamic View Update. Dynamic view update appears in the Forms settings (Automatic Form Mode) window. In that window, there is a checkbox to enable or disable that feature. When we opened that window, that feature was enabled.

It appears that the Dynamic view update feature allows the form to refresh after data is input. Apparently, the form needs to refresh when accepting data in a ‘When Printed’ field using an Input mask in the Automatic Form Mode. As a result, when the file is opened via Click Print, that feature causes problems with Click Print’s ability to execute the form.


There are two quick fixes that are available, depending on what other features you use.

Quick Fix 1 – Disable “Dynamic View Update”

You will be unchecking the box that enables the Dynamic view update feature.

WARNING: this will likely make it impossible to use any Input Masks embedded within the When Printed variables that appear on the form. If you use Input Masks on the form, try the other quick fix option, Using Custom Forms Mode, below.

Open the Form Settings window. Then, under General (the default window), uncheck the box for the Dynamic view update feature.

Form Settings window

Quick Fix 2 – Use Custom Form Mode

If the first method is not possible due to it causing failure when Input Masks are used, then Custom Form Mode should work. Using Custom From mode allows users to build their own customized forms and still use Input Mask to constrain the format of the data entered. A full explanation of the issue can be found here. Our tests show that the “Printing has been failed” error does not occur when using this combination of settings.

The instructions for changing the Forms mode to Custom can be found here.

Additional Comments

Issue found in CODESOFT v2019

If you need further assistance, please contact us.


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