Setting the Printing User Interface (aka Printing Formats) in CODESOFT – Reference Article


This Reference Article defines and explains the topic of Printing Formats settings in CODESOFT. By setting the Printing Format in CODESOFT, you can customize the user interface making the printing process easier and less error prone.


CODESOFT printing experience can be customized by the user so the program behaves in a specific manner.  The customization is done via Tools / Configuration / Printing.

In the dropdown box for the Format section, there are four possible values:

  1. Direct:  Allows a single label to be printed without displaying the Print dialog box.
    Command: File > Print.
  2. Simple: Allows the Print dialog box to be viewed in simple mode, with the basic printing options.
    In this dialog box, the More button allows you to switch to Expanded mode.
    Command: File > Print > Set the values required > OK
  3. Search in database:  Allows you to display the Go to a record in a database dialog box.
  4. Database query result:  Allows you to display the Query result dialog box.

NoteWhen the format is set to Search in database or Database query result but the document is not connected to a database, the Simple dialog box is displayed when a print command is launched.


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