“Printers are not configured for current user” – TEKLYNX CENTRAL Error Message

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This Error Message Article explains the TEKYLNX CENTRAL HTML BBUI error message “Printers are not configured for current user”. This article also details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.

The error message appears when the User attempts to select a printer.


The TEKLYNX CENTRAL user is logged into the browser within a user group that has PrintUser permissions. User Logic is enabled but no printers are assigned to the user or user group. As a result, the user can only bring up products and preview labels, but cannot print.

No printers assigned to the User Group “ACReportUsers”


If the user(s) should have access to printers, then an administrator needs to go to the TCADMIN website and grant access to the printers in the Connections \ User Logic screen. Alternatively, User Logic can be disabled from the General Option tab.

If User Logic is unchecked, printer assignments / restrictions caused by User Logic will disappear

Additional Comments

Issue Found: TEKLYNX CENTRAL v4.6

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