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Understanding the relationship between Printer Preferences and Printer Defaults helps better control printer settings. This leads to more reliable printing output.


Three Common Ways to Change Printer Settings

A. Printers & Scanners

Printing Properties and Printing Preferences in Printers & Scanners console.

B. Print Manager

Printing Preferences and Printing Defaults in Print Manager.

C. Within the Application

Print Settings within an Application

Printing Setting Types

Printing Preferences (from within application)

  • Pulls default settings for all newly opened documents from the Printing Preferences set when the application is launched
  • Only lasts while the application is running. Forgets previous settings to document if the document is saved with different settings.
  • Often, different documents in the same application can retain different settings while open.

Printing Preference

  • Pulls default settings for new user from Printing Defaults settings
  • Saves changed preferences permanently for that user only.
  • Can be found in:
    • Printer & ScannersPrinting Preferences and Printer Properties Preferences button
    • Print ManagementProperties, under General Tab

Printing Defaults

  • Sets the printer settings for initial installs or new users
  • Can be found in:
    Printer & ScannersPrinter Properties Advanced tab
    • Print Management – Properties… Advanced Tab and Set Printing Defaults…

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