“Printer name “[printer name]” is invalid for set printer action” – NiceLabel Error


This Error Message Article explains the NiceLabel Automation error message “Printer name “[printer name]” is invalid for set printer action”. Also, it details how to fix the problem that caused it to appear.


This message indicates that the settings entered into NiceLabel, for that printer, no longer will allow printing.

In the situation that prompted this article, the end user changed the IP address on the printer without updating NiceLabel. Thus, the IP addresses in NiceLabel and the printer no longer matched. This can create an interesting problem with using too many printer licenses. For more information about this problem, see our article: http://efficientbi.com/knowledge-base/changing-printer-ip-address-uses-extra-printer-license-nicelabel-problem/


The user must resolve the discrepancy between the NiceLabel settings and the network and printer settings and status.

For the situation above, the user updated the IP address settings within NiceLabel. Once they could verify the settings matched, the error disappeared.

Issue Found: NiceLabel Automation v2019


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