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This Reference Article explains how NiceLabel manages per-printer licenses.


License Options

NiceLabel offers two licensing options:

  1. Single user
  2. Multi-user

With a single user license, you install the software onto one workstation. NiceLabel then allows you to print to an unlimited number of printers.

The Multi-user option works differently. With this license, you can install NiceLabel onto an unlimited number of workstations. NiceLabel will restrict the number of printers available.

This article assumes you have purchased a multi-user license.

Software Activation

When you purchase a multi-user network NiceLabel license, we send you a license key (a really long string of letters and numbers). This is called an ‘activation key.’ After the software is installed and launched, it will prompt the user to activate it by entering the key. You can use the same key to activate the software as many times as needed.

For the activation to work correctly on all workstations, all the PCs must reside in the same Domain (Active Directory) or Workgroup. Your firewalls must allow them to communicate with each other using port 6772 TCP/UDP (inbound). If you don’t know what that means, contact us.

How does it count printers?

NiceLabel Printer Usage Screen

NiceLabel manages per-printer licenses by controlling the number of printers that you can use. This printer count consists of ALL printers usable by all of the workstations combined. The number of users/workstations running the software does not impact this count.

EXAMPLE: If you have purchased a 3-printer multi-user license, users can only print to one of the three printers, regardless of the number of PCs running the software. If the software is installed on only one computer, the single user can only print to the three printers. If it is installed on five computers, those five users will only be able to print to the same three printers.

NiceLabel counts the printers by using a combination of printer model name and printer location. A shared network printer with a uniform IP address counts as one printer. A locally connected printer shared and used by other workstation will also be counted as a single printer.

Grace Period

There will be times where your needs will exceed the number of printers licensed. NiceLabel allows you to ‘temporarily’ exceed your license count. This grace period effectively doubles the number of printers available. Any printers that are not used within the past seven days will be removed from the license count. You can reserve a license for a specific printer to avoid having your preferred printers being removed from the license pool.

How to avoid license problems in production environment

The last thing you want to happen in a production environment is for printers to stop working due to insufficient license count caused by a temporary use of non-production printers.

Here are some steps you can take to avoid the situation:

  • Ensure that you acquire sufficient licenses for the production printers. A few spare licenses can be useful in this regard.
  • Mark all of the production printer as ‘Reserved’. You can do this in the ‘Options’ menu (File/Options/Licensed Printers) and check the box under the Reserved column. This will force NiceLabel to permanently license these printers.
  • Additionally you can check the ‘This workstation can only use reserved printers” box. This will prevent the user from accidentally printing to a non-licensed printer. This option may not be practical in some situations. Please check with your system administrator.


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