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Some users report that they cannot enter data into CODESOFT forms if the Dynamic View feature is unchecked. Specifically, the problem occurs with the form mode set to Automatic, which is the default mode. Additionally, the print fields are configured with an Input Mask. While it may seem that simply enabling Dynamic view update would be the straightforward fix, that blocks the Click Print feature.

An input mask and how it affects a data field.

Situation and Symptoms

  • Using the Automatic (default) form in CODESOFT
  • Input Mask is defined for the When Printed field on the form
  • When the user enters data into a form and then presses Return or Tab, the data reverts to the default value.
  • The Dynamic view update feature is unchecked in the Automatic Forms general settings.


The Automatic form mode with Dynamic view update enabled is the default mode for CODESOFT. Normally, these settings allow the user to quickly and easily use the form to enter data for printing labels. Users often set up an input field on the form with an Input Mask applied. These masks improve the accuracy of the data by forcing user to enter it in the correct format.

While the input masks will work normally with Dynamic view update enabled, that feature will prevent the the Click Print feature from functioning. And, disabling Dynamic view update to allow Click Print to work, disables the input masks. Instead of taking data, the form rejects the input and reverts to the original data once the Return or Tab keys are pressed.

Dynamic view update is unchecked in the Form Settings window.


The user must change the Form Mode to Custom to remove the conflict. Once in Custom From mode, Dynamic view update disappears from the menu. But, all Input Mask will work as expected. The instructions for changing the Form Mode can be found here.

Changing the form mode to Custom

Be sure to click OK to save the new settings.

Click on OK to save the new settings.

Additional Comments

Issue found in CODESOFT v2019

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