“Print to File” and “Print to Picture” Options are Missing – LABEL MATRIX Problem

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When attempting to print a label, in LABEL MATRIX, a pair of print options are missing. Specifically, the option to select “Print to File” and “Print to Picture” are not available in the print dialog window.

Situation and symptoms

Using LABEL MATRIX 2019, when you click print or File / Print, you get the print dialog box but the “Print to File” and “Print to Picture” options are missing from their normal position to the right of “Reverse Pages” in the center of the window.

The normal Print Window in Label Matrix
LABEL MATRIX print window. Note that “Print to File” and “Print to Picture” are missing from the center.


This is not a bug or error for LABEL MATRIX. Instead, it is an intentional limitation when the program is not licensed. 


In its unlicensed state, LABEL MATRIX program does not make the “Print to File” and “Print to Picture” options available to the user. To enable these options, you must activate a license for LABEL MATRIX. 


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